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Sales Division 【Sales】

Cold & heat equipment(REFRIGERATING MACHINE)/
Pre-fabricated cold storage:Pre-fabric
�iFreezer/Refrigerator/Clean room)

Sales Division

Our Sales Division has achieved a great trust in Japanese market since its establishment in 1936 as a specialized trading company of cold & heat equipment.

Our Network (domestic):
Head office, Kanto, Chubu, Kinki, Chugoku, Shikoku, Kyushu.

Our Experience:
HACCP equipment for clean room in food factory,
Showcase & other apparatus for supermarket & convenience store,
Pre-fabricated freezing & refrigeration facility,
Kitchen equipment for hotel & restaurant, and
Special air conditioning facility for manufacturing site & laboratory
, etc.

Hearing the customer feedback, we propose equipment & facility which meet the customer’s ideal conditions from our longtime experience and wide product range, and make our best effort at the most competitive price & the earliest delivery.

Cold & heat technology
–accumulated know-how, experience, and wide product range

  • We suggest the most appropriate service to suit each customer's needs from a single commodity to a whole system.
  • We suggest a comfortable facility planning with good usability and work efficiency.
  • We make our best effort to meet your needs on the budget and construction period from new construction to renovation and renewal of existing facility.
  • Don’t worry about after-sales service and maintenance service, we’ll handle it.


    Our Sales Division  product range

    Cold & heat equipment Cold & heat equipment
    Pre-fabricated cold storage Pre-fabricated cold storage

    (Freezer/Refrigerator/Clean room)
    Store apparatus : Refrigerated Showcase�EFreezer�EFlower Showcase Store apparatus ・Showcase

    ・Refrigerated Showcase
    ・Flower Showcase
    Kitchen equipment Kitchen equipment

    ・Commercial Freezer Refrigerators
    ・Ice machine
    ・Dishwasher  etc
    Air conditioner Air conditioneer

    ・Ceiling-embedded type air conditioner
    ・floor-installed air-conditioning equipment
    Industrial air conditioner & heat exchange Industrial air conditioner & heat exchanger

    ・Ice storage system
    Environmental improvement Environmental improvement
    Related parts and materials Related parts and materials

    ・Florocabon Gas

AMEFREC Products

Small desiccant type dehumidifier - FFB-J series  High precision air conditioning system
Test Chamber/Custom-made product (air conditioning and chiller)


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