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Manufacturing divisionManufacturing

environmental testing chamber, high precision air conditioning systems, custom-made chiller

Manufacturing division

Our manufacturing division develops & produces high precision
equipment & system in the field of special air conditioning.

We continue to create products which meet customer’s needs with
passion as “professional of manufacturing”.

We have developed our original products which have advantage of energy-saving and work efficiency, like ARESTA series (ultra-high precision air conditioning system) and door-less temperature & humidity test chamber.

We’re trying to value communication with customers and deliver products
which are better than expected with suggestion from “professional of manufacturing


AMEFREC�@Manufacturing division

We will take care of custom-made/order-made product.

Are you satisfied with existing equipment and facilities?

  • user-friendliness
  • additional cost5and delivery time against your requirement
  • correspondence from supplier

Please feel free to share your concerns with us and get relief!

Manufacturing Division can support customers

Our Manufacturing Division can support customers in the field of environmental testing and special air conditioning.

  • Quality Control Chamber

    Quality Control
    ・Multi-purpose environment test Chamber
    ・High precision low temperature and humidity Chamber
    ・Heat shock test Chamber
    ・Special material storage Chamber
    ・Simplified stability test Chamber
    ・Door-less test Chamber
    ・Constant temperature and humidity work Chamber

  • R&D

    ・Constant temperature and humidity measurement chamber
    ・Constant low temperature air supply apparatus
    ・Constant low humidity laboratory
    ・Air conditioning system for laboratory animals
    ・Stability test chamber
    ・Door-less test chamber
    ・Glass green house

  • Plant&Equipment

    ・Desiccant air conditioner
    ・Clean room
    ・Low humidity air supply apparatus
    ・Aging room
    ・Air shower
    ・Dew condensation preventing unit
    ・Cold water supply apparatus

  • High Precision Air

    High Precision Air
    ・Substrate drying chamber
    ・Book preservation room
    ・Cleansing apparatus
    ・Art preservation room
    ・Special precision air conditioning system
    ・Show case for preservation of cultural propaties

Amefrec products

Environment test chamber, constant temperature and humidity chamber, special air conditioning, ultra-high precision air conditioning, test chamber, cooling water production apparatus, and other custom-made products (air conditioner and chiller)

Field of R&D   Special air conditioning for broad area

Field of Plant and Equipment Precision air conditioner for limited area

Custom-made chiller
Cooling water production apparatus for high precision and broad area

Custom-made product (air conditioning and chiller)
Make-to-order products meet customer’s needs

We propose solutions which suit for each site based on communication with customer.

  • Reduce the air volume by special blowing structure and air current dividing
  • Gather multiple chillers into one by Multi-channel divided flow control
  • For reduction of space occupancy, putting air conditioner and chiller into one by Liquid–air conditioning unit, etc.

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