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Engineering Division 【Engineering】

Engineering Division

Engineering Division

Our Engineering Division can provide secure and reliable technologies
which meet customer’s needs especially in food factory and pharmaceutical factory.

We receive a high evaluation of technology development and reliability
in the field of anti-pollution from customers.



Partial or total system construction in high quality production area, food factory, and pharmaceutical factory

    Engineering Division    Our “CLEAN AIR” control technology

  • Cleanness HACCP/GMP/ISO corresponding system

    HACCP/GMP/ISO corresponding system

    ・Clean room
    ・Clean booth
    ・Biohazard room

  • Refrigeration Refrigeration


    ・Rapid cooling & freezing
    ・Large refrigeration facilities
    ・Pre-fabricated refrigerator & freezer
    ・Frost prevention devise

  • Air-Conditioning High Precision Air-
Conditioning System

    HighPrecision Air-

    ・Dry air conditioning facilities
    ・Constant temperature/humidity facilities
    ・Paint booth
    ・Fermentation chamber
    ・Rapid cooling & fermentation room for lactic bacteria

  • Engineering Plant��Engineering

    Plant Engineering

    ・Dust collection devise & deodorizer
    ・Dehumidifier & insect repelling
    ・Air conditioner automatic control system
    ・Heat source facilities for production plant
    ・Thermal storage type cooling facilities

Products of Engineering Division

Product lines with great technical strength and achievement in clean air control system

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